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McGeorge School of Law University of the Pacific


As a Career Advisor at McGeorge School of law, my goal is to support students, graduates, and alumni in creating and executing their individual career plans to assist them in achieving long-term career success and satisfaction.

In working towards this goal I have accrued a number of accomplishments in the past two years. To name a few: I have recently written articles on “The Art of the Mindful Job Search” and “Generational Dynamics in Mentor Relationships” published in the NALP Bulletin, a monthly national industry publication; I have collaborated with law school career services professionals from other bay area law schools to create a successful Non-Traditional/JD Advantage Career Fair; I have updated and managed our office’s communications resulting in increased attendance for our great programs and student awareness of the services that our office provides; and I have restructured and managed our extensive 1L career development orientation program that has brought about a deeper level of engagement between our students and our office.

Prior to returning to McGeorge, I practiced criminal defense and family law as both a solo practitioner and working for a small boutique firm, and throughout that time as a volunteer attorney for a local non-profit organization. What I loved most about the practice of law – the individual stories behind each of my clients and the ability to help guide them through difficult transitions – I have also found in my role as a career advisor.

Are you a McGeorge student or alum? I’d love to connect with you and find out what I can do to help you.

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