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  • Posted in: Canada Region

    Hello everyone, As many of you are aware my colleague Natalie Samuel is on secondment until April 2020 serving as the Vice President of Western 's Staff Association (UWOSA).   I am delighted to advise you that Laura Lequay will be joining the career ...

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this, Courtney. Though it did give me PTSD remembering how exhausting it was being the only minority summer associate and trying to fit in and help people get comfortable with the idea of someone very different from them being ...

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    RE: 1L Orientation

    Posted in: Law School Members

    Hi Lezlie - We have a book project that we call OneRead. We select a book that deals with social justice and ask all incoming 1Ls to read it. Past reads have included Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, ...

  • Thanks to all who participated in last Thursday's call. Here is a recap of the call for those who were unable to attend.  Work Group reports Education Work Group             Sixteen RFPs were submitted on behalf of the section for the 2019 NALP ...

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